Hd Intranet Careers and Total Rewards

The Hd intranet careers and total rewards are designed to empower the company’s values, strategies, goals, financial needs, etc. These total rewards incline with the mission and vision of the hdintranet Heartland agency.

What Are Total Rewards?

The Heartland employee total rewards program is designed to support the employees of the Heartland agency. Total rewards include all the necessary tools that can be used to recruit, retain, and motivate employees. You can find more information on their Heartland dental mission statement.

There are five components included in the Total rewards framework:

  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Work-life
  • Professional Learning
  • Celebration and Recognition

Let’s see what is covered in each of these total rewards for employees


Heartland Rewards has a “pay” feature where the employees can see their payments based on various parameters like market-based pay, premium pay, and variable pay.

  • The market-based pay includes components like salary pay and hourly pay.
  • Premium pay includes overtime pay.
  • Variable pay includes components like supplemental pay and addendum pay.


Total rewards compensation and benefits include the programs that an employer offers to supplement the employee’s cash compensation.

These total rewards include health and welfare, retirement, leave, and voluntary components.

Under the health and welfare component, the total rewards employee program covers:

  • Medical Plan
  • HRA
  • Long-term Disability insurance
  • Dental Plan
  • Flexible Spending accounts
  • And many more.

Under the Leave component, the totalrewards program covers:

  • Holiday
  • Sick 
  • Personal
  • Vacation
  • And leaves of absence

Under the retirement component, the only thing iowa total care rewards cover is the defined benefit plan.

Under the voluntary component, Heartland hdintranet covers:

  • 457 plan
  • Tax-sheltered annuity
  • Spouse or dependent life insurance
Hd intranet careers and total rewards
Hd intranet careers and total rewards


Under the Work-Life feature, Heartland dental heartsource supports the employee’s efforts to work at the office and at home, which helps them achieve their goals.

Some of the key features under the work-life of the hdintranet Heartland dental portal are:

  • Caring for dependents, which includes the reimbursement account for dependents.
  • Financial support for vision discounts, cell phone discounts, and education.
  • Paid and unpaid time off for Heartland employee, like for adoption leave, maternity/paternity leave, etc.
  • Flexibility in terms of the workplace, work schedule, and also part-time employment.
  • Community involvement in terms of volunteer time.

Professional Learning

Professional learning is designed to enhance the skills of heartsource Heartland employees. By covering the total reward courses, the employee can get more career opportunities like internal job postings, internships, and also advancement in their job.

To enhance their professional learning abilities on the hdintranet portal, the employees have:

  • Formal and informal mentoring programs.
  • Learning opportunities like conferences, self-development tools, access to virtual learning, and also on-job learning.

Apart from this, the employees also have access to 1:1 meetings, goal setting, coaching, and on-time performance reviews.


As the name says, celebrations mean the acknowledgment of an employee’s contribution to the organization.

This includes service awards, opening meetings, retirement awards, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned HD intranet careers and total rewards, there are a few more featured total rewards. 

Let’s have a look at them below!

Featured Total Rewards and Heartland Employee Benefits 

Diversity Engagement

As the name itself says, Heartland is known for hiring people with differences in various forms, which are not just limited to race, culture, ability, gender, etc. They follow diversity and inclusion in their organization by hiring people with multiple differences.

By doing so, all the employees will be able to engage and work efficiently with others who are different from them and also treat each other with respect.

You can find more information related to this on the Heartland AEA’s Advisory team.

Wellness Program

The wellness program consists of webinars, a treadmill, standing workstations, lunch and learns, membership discounts for gyms, etc. Through wellness programs, employees can also earn cash incentives.


If any employees are involved in volunteering, like philanthropic activities, then they get 4 hours of paid time off. Heartland gives back to the communities they serve, and it is an excellent approach.

Professional Learning

Heartland offers professional learning for the employees to enhance their skills and improve student learning. Employees have access to evidence-based training and professional learning. If the employees are certified, they have more chances to advance their salaries.


Through mentoring, a newly certified employee gives training to the new joiner. This helps the new employee achieve their goals.


We hope this article has provided enough information on hd intranet careers and total rewards. Do let us know your queries in the comment section below.

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