Heartland Payroll Help

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Heartland Payroll Help

Heartland Payroll services are designed for small businesses. The Heartland HR solution helps businesses to streamline their operations, unify their employees’ data, and also access full-service payroll.

This is a cloud-based system and does not require much maintenance. Moreover, if you need any assistance with the payroll, you can always reach out to the Heartland payroll customer support, where the executives are available to resolve your business needs quickly.

Heartland payroll phone number

If you are looking for any assistance on Heartland Payroll, then you can contact the executives on the Heartland payroll number.

For all the Payroll+ customers, the service number of Heartland is 800-285-0005. If you have any other queries related to their HD Intranet product, then you can reach out to them by filling out the contact form here.

heartland payroll help

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Heartland payroll software do?

Heartland Payroll Software distributes the employee payroll and benefits and manages HR taxes. It automates most of the back-office processes, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks.

How do Heartland payroll software and HR software work?

This software will funnel the employee data into a single cloud platform. As a manager, you can approve or deny PTO requests, monitor onboarding, manage employee benefits, etc.

Is it easy to use payroll and HR software?

Yes, it is easy to use the Heartland HR software as well as the Heartland payroll service software. It is very helpful for small businesses.


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